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Beautiful skin after a good workout… here’s how!

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10 Dec

There are tons of benefits to getting out and doing a good workout. It takes time and effort and the last thing you think about is your skin regime. The truth is, exercise is great for your skin if you take care of it properly before and after your workout.

Here are the golden rules for skin care when you break a sweat:


  • Wash your face with lukewarm water.

Exercise opens pores when we sweat, washing your face ensures that the bacterial and impurities are removed below exercise to ensure your pores won’t get clogged. Wash your face with a gentle cleanser and lukewarm water before working out. Always remember sunscreen as well if you are exercising outside!


Clean your face as soon as you can after physical exercise.

  • Make sure your hands are washed. It you are at the gym or exercising outside, your hands have come into contact with a bunch of bacteria that you do not want on your face.
  • Splash your face with lukewarm warm. This feels amazing after a good workout and provokes a physiological change in both breathing and heart rate as well as prepping your skin for cleansing.
  • Apply your cleanser with your fingertips using delicate circular motions.

Remove using lukewarm water.

  • Pat face dry with a clean towel but leave skin damp.  Patting your face is extra beneficial, it feels like a warm hug without irritating the skin. You might be tempted to use a towel that is hanging around, but a clean towel with ensure that no bacteria get to your face.
  • Apply moisturizer and make-up only when face is completely dry. The good news is, this should only take 5-10 minutes.

Follow these golden rules and your skin will thank-you!


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