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The Incomparable Benefits of Sea Buckthorn

04 Jan

When you hear about the variety of ingredients used in natural cosmetic and skincare lines, sea buckthorn is not likely to be the first thing that pops into your mind. Yet, sea buckthorn has long been used for its medicinal and nutritional values for decades by Chinese herbalists.

Sea buckthorn is a plant that produces leaves, flowers, seeds and fruits that are being used in pharmaceuticals, teas, jams, jellies, liquors and more. It is one of the most nutritionally dense berries in the world!

Today, it is one of the most beneficial ingredients used in natural skincare products because it is packed with vitamins A, C, E and B as well as other high-powered nutrients. The berries found in sea buckthorn actually provide more vitamin C than an orange.

You can see the benefits for yourself:

  • Vitamin A: helps maintain healthy teeth and bones
  • Vitamin C – great for healing wounds
  • Vitamin E – excellent for forming red blood cells
  • B12 – energy production and forming red blood cells
  • Lycopene – anti-oxidant that protects DNA and proteins
  • Potassium – For fluid balance and muscle function
  • Calcium – healthy bones and keeps blood pressure constant
  • Magnesium – makes protein, and aids immune system
  • Iron – carries throughout the body
  • Phosphorus – maintains body pH

The addition of sea buckthorn to the other natural ingredients in our products encourages bright, glowing skin. It is a natural and potent antioxidant that has the power to neutralize free radicals.  Free radicals in its most basic definition are uncharged molecules that are toxic byproducts of oxygenation and can cause serious damage to living cells and tissues. The vitamins and other nutrients found in sea buckthorn have the ability to reduce oxidative damage by acting as a reactive species hunter.

When applied topically, it has a soothing and calming effect that reduces redness, acne and skin damage.

“They” Say it’s the Next Big Thing in Skincare

Trends come and go, but natural products that go the distance, remain reliable and provide consistent results are much more than a passing fancy.

It has proven to be an outstanding ingredient to our skincare products as it also includes anti-aging properties.  When the skin and tissues are nourished with the collective vitamin/nutrient composition, they respond by slowing down the aging process. With all this, it is not wonder that sea buckthorn is one of our favored ingredients at Jacovin.

The Advantages of Locally Grown Sea Buckthorn

We believe in using locally acquired resources and sea buckthorn is available in its natural state in various parts of Canada. Our sea buckthorn is grown near our lab in Quebec and transformed with our proprietary maceration process. Although its thorny berries can be removed by a machine, we believe they are best picked by hand to produce small batches of our skincare products.

Yet only the female plants produce the berries which are used in our products, therefore farming sea buckthorn for skincare can take time. The plant’s gender cannot be determined until the flowers are produced. That is when the farmer can determine whether the plant will produce the cherished berries or not. However, almost every part of the sea buckthorn plant is used to manufacture a wide range of products; that includes the bark, leaves, fruit and seeds.

A Few of our Favorite Sea Buckthorn Products

Sea Buckthorn Night Cream:

Made with sea buckthorn and carrot oil provides both anti-oxidants and

beta-carotene and is perfect for normal to oily skin.


Sea Buckthorn Ultra Hydrating Repairing Cream:

Made with wheat germ and sunflower oil to improve the health and appearance of your skin.



Sea Buckthorn and Lavender Shower Gel:

The combination of sea buckthorn and lavender rejuvenates dry and delicate skin.

Also comes in an unscented version.


Spread the Word

Sure, sea buckthorn has a strange name that many have not heard of, but now you know. It is one of the most useful plants in the world and promotes health, beauty and rejuvenation.

As for us: Laboratoire Jacovin is a family owned business in Granby, Quebec and founded by aestheticians who have decades of experience. Our products are handcrafted in small batches to ensure the highest of quality each and every time. We hope you will try our sea buckthorn products for yourself and if you love them as much as we think you will don’t forget to tell all your friends!


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