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Our Company

Jacovin is a family owned business located in Cowansville, Quebec. Founded by two aestheticians in 1980, our focus over the last 38 years has been to provide a product that enhances the wellbeing of your skin. We value practicing natural cosmetology which to us means doing our own plant infusion from real plants, using essential oils to aromatise and to use plant-based ingredients whenever possible without compromising the quality of the product or the benefit to your skin.

Our production methods 

We pride ourselves on being a natural cosmetology company that uses handcrafted fabrication methods to product high quality product in Canada. When you buy one of our products, you can be assured that you are getting a handmade, product made directly from our family to yours.

What does handcrafted mean?

A handcrafted product means made skillfully by hand. Our company was founded by an aesthetician who has spent 37 years developing product specially tailored for the skin.  He has fine tuned that production method over those years and have shared with the next generation his findings.

Why have we chosen to continue by hand over the year? 

Small batches ensure the highest of quality.

We make our batches by hand and inspect them at each stage in the process to ensure the highest of quality.

It allows us to better serve our customers.

Small batches allows us to offer a wide variety of tailored products to our customers. We speak to our customers directly and incorporate their feedback so we are continuously improving. Making smaller quantities of each product allows the turn around time for change to be shorter.

It allows us to continue to use traditional methods.

Our company was founded in 1980 and a lot of our fabrications methods have remained the same. No, we do not mix by hand. If you have tried to mix shampoo, you know why! We have machine that help us with the heavy lifting, but  we take care of everything else to needs a finer touch.

What does natural cosmetology mean?

We created products to enhance your natural beauty using ingredients that are primarily from natural plant-based sources. Our main methods are the use of plant infusions from real plants and the use of pure essential oils to aromatize our products naturally.

Plant infusion

We do all of our own plant infusion. This means that we start with warm distilled water and submerge real plants. This process allows all the the nutrients in the plants to be transferred to water which then becomes the base for our products. We do not add  color to our products so any color in our products comes from this natural infusion.

Essential oils 

Essential oil is obtained by distilling a plant or certain fruits to extract active properties and the fragrance characteristics into a highly concentrated oil. The aromas of our products are all created with essentials oils to give a pleasant, light aroma.

Made in Canada 

All of our products are made in our workshop located in Granby, Quebec, Canada. We source the best ingredients to provide the highest quality product from Canada and abroad.