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Skin Care

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Sea Buckthorn Night cream for normal to oily skin

Sea buckthorn and carrot oil, it’s a match made in anti-aging heaven. Both natural anti-oxidants and rich in beta-carotene, this dynamic dual will improve the health and appearance of your skin all while chasing away free radials.    

Our sea buckthorn is grown in Quebec and transformed in our laboratory using a maceration process. So natural, so beneficial and grown right near home.  


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Sea Buckthorn Ultra Hydrating Reparing Cream

Sea buckthorn, wheat germ oil and sunflower oil are the key ingredients in this cream to make your skin feel soft and smooth. The anti-oxidants in the sea buckthorn improve the health and appearance of your skin.

Our cream is made from natural sources and ingredients for while the benefits to the skin have been known for centuries. Our sea buckthorn is grown in Quebec and transformed in our laboratory using a maceration process. So natural, so beneficial and grown right near home. 


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Cleansing milk – 3E

Let the delicate, floral aroma of this cleansing milk transcend you. Our unique blend of 3 pure essential oils will brighten your skin care routine while helping maintain the natural balance of your skin. This creamy milk from natural sources will gently remove your makeup and unwanted residue from your day all while leaving your skin feeling soft and refreshed.

For a complete skin care routine, we suggest you finish with our 3E tonic lotion, 3E clay mask, and our hydrating creams.

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Clay Mask

A clay mask for all types? It’s finally here!  

Your skin goes through many changes due to your external environment. Pollution outside, drastic changes in temperature from hot to cold and back, work-related stress, and fatigue from putting in a long day. All of this has an impact on your skin. It is no wonder we see our skin going from oily to dry or mixed. Allow your skin to regain its natural vitality with this natural, essential oil infused clay mask for all skin types.  

This unique clay mask is blend of white and green clays allowing its benefits to all skin types. 15 minutes will be enough to sense that your skin has been forever changed. Magic? Almost! The white clay helps dry skin and the green helps to remove excess oil. An essential part of your skin care routine.  

Our unique 3E blend of lemon, grapefruit and geranium essential oils provides a light floral aroma while assisting with providing a deep but gentle cleansing.

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Special edition holiday box set


A great gift to offer to a loved one or to yourself! Comes in a beautiful wooden keepsake box and includes:

1- 225 ml cleansing milk

1- 225 ml tonic lotion

1- 225 ml body milk

Your skin will thank-you!


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Hand cream – Intensive care

15% Off Limited Time Offer

Very dry, cracked hands ? Try our natural, ultra hydrating hand cream. Our cream contains 12% beeswax to help create a lay of protection on your skin. Formulated to be soothing, it is enriched with  a blend of 5 essential oils to help appease dry hands.

Intensive rescue hand cream was very dry skin.

Now available in a larger format!

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Citonella Plus Body Mist

A gentle and natural approach for outdoor activities

A refreshing body mist which leaves the skin feeling hydrated without oily residue. Enriched with pure essential oils of citronella, geranium and eucalyptus, this synergizing blend provides effective protection for the outdoor activities with a pleasant floral aroma.

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Tonic lotion – 3E

This toning lotion is easy to apply to your neck, face or for the whole body. Enriched with our blend of 3 toning essential oils to help maintain the natural balance of your skin, this lotion is an essential part of a full skin routine. Use after the cleaning milk and before applying your 3E cream.  

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